Texas Holdem Poker - Exploitable Tells

Texas Holdem Poker – Exploitable Tells

Are you a little curious about exploitable tells? Read this article to learn them now.

No matter what cards you are playing for profit, for a living or on vacation, you need to be able to identify potential tells. Sometimes the only one you can rely on is your honey badger. Other times you will have to rely on the advice of others. But, the most valuable advice you can receive is that which comes directly from the masters of the game. Players who have been playing the game for years and have produced profitable results have a personal mantra that they hum to themselves whenever they play. This may be:

  • “I will survive”
  • “I will win”
  • “I will punish the play”
  • “I will be aggressive”
  • “I will drive all in”
  • “I will check raise any hand”
  • “I will pre-flop raise”
  • “I will post-flop raise”
  • “I will play tight”
  • “I will be aggressive”

Possibly, even all the above

“Tight Aggressive” is the style that has been most popular for a couple of years in professional tournaments. But, if you begin to play for money, you will need to change to a loose style. As the title suggests, this is the type of game where you can accumulate the most chips. commence the play with very small blinds and add the little amount at a time. Loose Hold’em is the only way to win big pots. It is the type of game wherein the best hand does not have to be beaten in order to win.

If you are a conservative player, you can sometimes stay in a hand too long. Maybe for a scare card. Other times, playing too tight will not work. Either way, the only thing you want to do is to make a pre-flop raise with a hand like pocket sevens or Ace King. If another conservative player raises in front of you from a late position, you can safely check to see a flop. The flop, as well as the subsequent turn and river, should be your time to play. If you are called, you can safely assume that your hand is beat at this point and you should fold, unless the board permits another Ace or King to improve your hand.

The point of this Texas Hold’em crawl is that as long as you can avoid the blinds and antes, which are gradually chipping away at your stack, you can wait for stronger hands and put in what you hope is the winning big pot. To continue on with this plan, however, you have to understand the critical difference between playing hold’em online and playing hold’em in a live game. Re-raise those small raises in your favor and you will quickly find that you are winning a lot more often than losing. To steal blinds and antes, which you will have frequent opportunity to do so in later and mid position, you must first place a bet called a continuation bet.

When your opponent places a bet you can opt to call off your original bet, pocket your raise, and if your hand improves still have the second bet. Often when you take your opponents to the river, you can even take all their bets. After they have completed learning the game and their poker tournament strategy, you can then take all their money. True, they may be playing for fun, but they are giving you their hard earned chips.

This is the time that you must vary your Bolagila tournament strategy. Do not press your physical limits. Have fun playing hold em and while you are learning Texas hold em online, do not get frustrated. Have confidence in the game and always bet reasonable. Always use your poker tournament strategy to your advantage at all times. Be patient and wait for your opportunity in taking your opponents to the river.