A Brief Study Through the History of Wedding Ring

Perhaps everybody would admit that the wedding rings are not just a piece of jewelry. It is something and something higher than such simple equation. It is a bond, a symbol of love, faith and respect for the couple. Therefore the choice of the wedding ring should not be neglected in any respect. This is a tradition that is going on thought the ages and is equally popular even in the modern day context. There are several beliefs in relation to the wedding ring. One of the most popular belief in relation to the wedding ring is the finger on which the ring should be worn. According to the most popular concept it is believed that the ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. The most popular custom suggests that there is a vein on that very finger which goes straight to the heart and thus wearing the ring on the ring finger of the left hand means to keep the one you love closest to your heart. But in the fact is that this concept has no practical base as there is no such vein on the left hand ring finger, neither even on the right hand ring finger. Still as per the age old tradition the custom is still followed and the wedding ring is worn on the left hand ring finger. But if we think it logically, it is the best to wear the ring on the forth finger of the left hand as this finger is the one that is the least used and therefore there are lesser chances of getting the ring or the precious stone in it getting damaged.

Searching for the history of the wedding rings it is seen long back in the pages of history the Hebrew people also followed the tradition of the exchange of the ring during the wedding. But according to some people the history of the wedding ring goes back to the Egyptians. And perhaps it was in Egypt where the first exchange of the ring during the wedding was recorded. And since then the custom followed on and the ring became the symbolic representation of eternal love and the union of two souls. But according to the Roman history the custom of the exchange of the ring during the wedding was looked upon from a different point of view. It was looked upon as a legal discourse rather than a love bond. It was somewhat like a seal of legal commitment to marry and once the girl accepts the ring she was unable to remove herself from marrying that man. It was seen as a token of commitment and from that period on the girl was no longer free once she accepts the ring.

Because of such reasons as the bride was looked upon as a possession the ring was made out of iron as a symbol of strength. But gradually this tradition changed and people started thinking on the beauty and durability of the ring and thus the wedding ring started being made out of gold and silver. And with the change of time the decor of the ring changed a lot and people started to pay more attention on the beauty of the wedding ring. And in the present day context wedding rings are made not only of yellow gold and silver but also of white gold and even platinum. Fitting a precious stone on the ring has also become one of the most favored choice of the modern people and there nothing better than a diamond fitted gold or platinum ring.

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